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We supply and maintain sieving equipment across the UK

WBT Services Ltd provide bespoke and niche sieving solutions, with the experience of Cuccolini sieves for efficient policing, grading and dedusting.

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Industrial Sieving Equipment//Maintenance

At WBT Services Ltd, we specialise in offering and maintaining quality Cuccolini sieves to businesses across the UK. Our assistance goes beyond the mere supply of these industry-leading tools; we are complete sieving service providers. From understanding the nuances of your operations to recommending the right sieve, from seamless implementation to round-the-clock maintenance, we walk with you at every step delivering the best service in the industry.

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For any manufacturing or processing business, reliable sieving is essential. But not all sieves are created equal. Cuccolini Industrial Sieves, renowned for their sturdy build and exceptional performance, are a class apart. As an established Cuccolini supplier, we ensure you get the right sieve for the job. Whether you are refining food, sifting powdered chemicals, or separating recyclables, we can help you choose the ideal sieve for your specific needs. Our technical team looks beyond just the product, understanding your operations to provide solutions that increase your productivity and efficiency.

Nationwide Maintenance for Cuccolini Industrial Sieves


The true value of a product is uncovered in its longevity and WBT Services Ltd ensures that your investment in Cuccolini Industrial Sieves continues to provide returns. We take pride in offering nationwide maintenance support, ensuring your equipment remains in top-notch condition, minimising downtime and maximising efficiency. Our team of highly trained engineers is available around the clock, offering emergency services to keep your operations up and running. Trust us, we’ve got your operations covered.

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True to our ethos, our service doesn't stop at sieves. WBT Services Ltd is a holistic industrial solutions and systems provider covering all aspects of fume and dust control, water waste management, and bulk and powder handling.

Our expert team works with you, aiming to improve safety, productivity, and sustainability within your operations. We strive for not just solutions, but innovative and long-term strategies that meet the evolving needs of industries nationwide.

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